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How a changing investment landscape is affecting startups and investors
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A Changing Investment Landscape's Impact On Startups And Investors

In our latest blog post, we talked about rising interest rates…
Smart Water in an Era of Smart Cities
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How Water Is Getting Smarter In The Era Of Smart Cities

"Today, we are entering the era of Cities 3.0. In this era, the…
Is blockchain living up to the hype?
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Is Blockchain The Disruptive Technology It's Made Out To Be?

Blockchain, the relative ‘new kid’ on the technological block,…
Rising Interest Rates and Startups
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The Impact Rising Interest Rates Have On Startups

You’ve probably heard that interest rates are rising but shrugged…
Africa as the latest tech hub
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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Is 2017 The Year Of Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, are buzzwords…
Is stealth mode right for your startup
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Is Stealth Mode The Right Choice For Your Startup?

Secrets are hard to keep, everyone knows that. When then, do…