Startups Behind Innovations
Is blockchain living up to the hype?
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Is Blockchain The Disruptive Technology It's Made Out To Be?

Blockchain, the relative ‘new kid’ on the technological block,…
Rising Interest Rates and Startups
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The Impact Rising Interest Rates Have On Startups

You’ve probably heard that interest rates are rising but shrugged…
Africa as the latest tech hub
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
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Is 2017 The Year Of Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, are buzzwords…
FashTech and wearables
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Cyber Security And How Companies Are Protecting Themselves

Today’s increasing amount of information being digitized and…
Startup turned enterprise, New-age enterprise
Google’s Interest in the Startup Incubator Business
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Google’s Interest in the Startup Incubator Business

We recently addressed a trend in the business world of enterprises…
Corporate innovation from the startup to corporate perspective