FinTech innovation and collaboration
How a changing investment landscape is affecting startups and investors
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A Changing Investment Landscape's Impact On Startups And Investors

In our latest blog post, we talked about rising interest rates…
Is blockchain living up to the hype?
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Is Blockchain The Disruptive Technology It's Made Out To Be?

Blockchain, the relative ‘new kid’ on the technological block,…
Rising Interest Rates and Startups
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The Impact Rising Interest Rates Have On Startups

You’ve probably heard that interest rates are rising but shrugged…
Africa as the latest tech hub
Companies growth profit
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Should Companies Focus on Growth or Profit?

The debate of whether to grow or to profit is undoubtedly one…
Enterprise business cycle
Where FoodTech is heading
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FoodTech - When Food Goes High-Tech

Considering the importance food plays in our lives, it’s a…