FinTech innovation and collaboration
Startups Behind Innovations
Brainstorming session
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Enterprises And The Internal Innovation Challenge

Mariano Rodriguez Colombelli, CEO and co-founder of team-based…
RegTech as the next big thing
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Why RegTech Is The Next Big Thing

"Like FinTech, PayTech, and many other combinations of the word…
Industries needing innovation
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Industries Lacking Innovation And How It Can Be Incorporated

Despite the widespread immersion of technology in our daily lives,…
FashTech and wearables
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Cyber Security And How Companies Are Protecting Themselves

Today’s increasing amount of information being digitized and…
Startup turned enterprise, New-age enterprise
Google’s Interest in the Startup Incubator Business
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Google’s Interest in the Startup Incubator Business

We recently addressed a trend in the business world of enterprises…
Corporate innovation from the startup to corporate perspective