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What Top FinTech Minds Think About Innovation & Collaboration

On May 23rd we held a FinTech Innovation and Collaboration meetup with the overarching focus being on corporate innovation. The meetup consisted of two opening talks followed by a panel discussion (and some finger foods and beers throughout, of course). A lot was learned about corporate innovation within the financial sector but, before we get […]

Corporate Social Responsibility: About And Its Importance

The term “Corporate Social Responsibility” (or CSR) has become quite a standard term for businesses to adopt in recent years. Though it’s talked about and promoted, CSR often starts and ends with big dreams simply because few actually understand the true meaning of the term and why it is so important. The basic idea behind […]

2017’s Most Interesting Acquisitions (So Far)

We’re just halfway through 2017 and this year has undoubtedly been an exciting one for both startups and enterprises alike due to mergers and acquisitions. Within only the first week of January, a shift in the market was seen as transaction spend on M&A’s more than doubled from $16.1 billion in 2016 to $35.7 billion […]

How The Airline Industry Is Benefiting From Co-opetition

We recently wrote about the resurgence of co-opetition for corporations, and while it is something that is surging in popularity once again, co-opetition certainly isn’t a new concept. In fact, there is one industry in particular that has leveraged co-opetition into a standard business model – the airline industry. The airline industry has come a […]

The Secret Startups Behind Today’s Greatest Innovations

One of the most daunting things for startups and the reason they may choose to not pursue their idea is the force of the enterprise. The immense power enterprises seem to possess – more specifically, the seemingly endless supply of winning ideas they produce time after time can be intimidating. Fortunately for startups, we’re here […]

Why Major Corporations Are Focused On Co-opetition

“It’s not enough to succeed. Others must fail.” – Gore Vidal In 1997, Adam M. Brandenburger from the Harvard Business School and Barry J. Nalebuff from the Yale School of Management co-wrote a book. They appropriately named the book Co-opetition in an effort to showcase the benefits of collaborating with competitors in order to change the […]

A Changing Investment Landscape’s Impact On Startups And Investors

In our latest blog post, we talked about rising interest rates and how they impact startups. While we have no doubt that the startup scene will continue to thrive, we do doubt that it will continue at the rate at which it has been going until now. The reason isn’t that of a lack of […]

How Water Is Getting Smarter In The Era Of Smart Cities

“Today, we are entering the era of Cities 3.0. In this era, the city is a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology. It’s paperless, wireless and cashless. In 3.0 cities, we have more cell phones than landlines, more tablets than desktops, more smart devices than toothbrushes. This truly represents a new era of the American […]

Is Blockchain The Disruptive Technology It’s Made Out To Be?

Blockchain, the relative ‘new kid’ on the technological block, has been on the cusp of a breakout for a while now, with many going as far as saying it has the power to change the world. The buzzword or power player evolved from bitcoin and the ability to send peer-to-peer transactions digitally and bypass traditional […]

The Legal Secret To A Winning Startup Team   

Startup founders and CEO’s often believe that the most important things to focus on are having a great idea, creating a viable product, and developing an epic go-to-market strategy. While these are all important aspects that will help lead your startup to success, many great ideas and viable products with extremely well thought-out plans fail […]