UI/UX Design and why it's important for B2C

UI/UX Design is Not Just for B2C – Why Big Businesses Want Better Interfaces

Until recent years, the importance of investing in UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design was seemingly lost on big enterprises and B2B companies. Enterprises excused themselves from the discussion, citing that their industry doesn’t demand high level UI/UX, that their clients are contacted through other sales channels and that even the best UI/UX wont impact their brand or business. 

Well, while some big businesses and enterprises stand by that ideology, they are getting out numbered quickly, and for good reason. B2B companies are beginning to recognize that their clients, despite being businesses themselves, are still clients, and it is for this reason that companies are beginning to shift their view on UI/UX design. 

Where it Starts
The journey towards better UI/UX often starts with a website, since the website is the first thing a potential client sees. Despite having different target audiences, B2B websites have a lot more in
UI/UX design starts with your websitecommon with B2C websites than they might think. The idea behind UI/UX design is focused on the journey the end user takes and the experience they have while interacting with that companies interface, and that is something B2B brands want just as much as B2C brands.

For B2B businesses, the sale is often harder than B2Cs and consumers often need more information in order to select a particular service or product over competitors. What this translates into, is the need for B2Bs to supply more content to their potential clients that supports the sales funnel, making the conversion from interest to purchase as smooth as possible. To improve the journey and ensure that the content supports the purchase decision process, B2B companies must ensure that their websites (UI) clearly explains their product or software, making a positive experience for the user (UX). 

In addition to conveying their advantage, B2B brands are improving their user experience and user journey on their websites by establishing their brands as thought leaders in their industry. The way to do that is by offering added value to consumers, think infographics or blogs (much like this blog you love reading!). 

Build Wanted Products and Software

Once the website (and supporting sales team) have led a potential client through the digital journey, it is important to continue supporting the customer through their experience, and ensure they have a positive one.

So what leads to a positive experience with software? First of all, the more user-friendly the software, the easier it will be for clients to understand how they can get the most out of it, and therefore increase their reliance on the product. If a solution is brilliant in theory but has a high learning curve to understand how to use the product or software, many will abandon the product or only use it for a short period of time, which is less than ideal. 

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Beyond increasing brand loyalty, placing emphasis on positive UI/UX will likely increase future up sells, increasing potential conversion to other products. Simply put, if a client uses your product because they have to, all you have is a client, but if your client loves your product and enjoys using it, you have someone who is loyal to your brand – and that makes all the difference.

Showing Customers You Care

The importance of good UI/UX designMore than explaining the solution and simplifying the use of a product, B2B companies that invest in UI/UX design and maximize the overall experience that their current and potential future
clients have, are signaling to their clients that they care.

How do we know this? Well, we recently launched prooV 2.0 for exactly that reason!

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