Market your product with little budget

How to Market Your Product With Little Budget

No matter how revolutionary your idea, how strong your team, how receptive the market, or how much funding you’ve raised, your budget always seems to be eaten up before marketing can take its bite. Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

If you’re looking to market your product, there are a few things you can do to help get your name out and build a brand identity with little to no budget.

Before you do anything though, it is crucial to know what you are, brand wise, to make the most of the little marketing budget you have, if at all. Build a cohesive brand identity and position yourself in a realistic place. Make sure the message, the visuals and the language are consistent and in line with your vision and your products capabilities. If you lack a cohesive brand identity and message, the little money you do spend on marketing will be wasted.

Pin Point your Target Audience

Spend time focusing on targeting your exact audience and segmenting them as much as possible. The larger your potential audience pool is, the more money you will need to spend in order to find, target, and convert those users. By hyper targeting your audience, you can focus on a specific message tailored to their exact needs and thereby increase your chances of conversion and growth, using the least amount of capital as possible.

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Gain Validation

Showcasing your products viability on the ecosystem of a large enterprise is one of the best and financially savvy ways to gain validation and kick-start a marketing campaign. Run a Proof-of-Concept with a major enterprise and you automatically open yourself up to a whole new pool of potential users. Following a successful PoC, you can work with the enterprise to inform the public of your successful collaboration through a press release or by creating media buzz.

Build Your Social Presence

If you don’t have the budget for inbound marketing tactics, try focusing on outbound ones that will bring your audience to you instead of the other way around. What do we mean?

Keep the #80/20 content rule - 80% #addedvalue, no more than 20% promotional Click To Tweet

Beyond a way to promote your content, it’s important to build your brand on social media. Of course not all social media platforms are created equal – understand who spends time on the different sites and consider which ones are worth developing for your brand. Create truly interesting branded content that gives your audience added value. Post it on your company blog and wait for your audience to share it with their networks. Keep the 80/20 rule in mind when creating content (at least 80% should be added value and no more than 20% can be promotional pieces).

Continue Building Your Product

While it may seem ironic, the best marketing for your product is simply a good product that people love and want. Build a product that meets the needs of users and goes beyond – that means great functionality and usability and most importantly, excellent customer service.