Why Blockchain Is Finally Getting Everyone’s Attention

Few innovations have the power to change society so drastically and quickly as blockchain. It is therefore only logical that everyone wants to be a part of the blockchain revolution; from international enterprises with millions of clients and billions of dollars in their P&L to creative thinkers in a basement dreaming of the next big startup idea, blockchain is the future of financial innovation.

More than any other technological innovation in the past few years, no other idea has been able to disrupt the market to its core like blockchain. Founded just shortly after the financial market crash of 2008, blockchain has become a creative way to enable peer to peer financial transactions that bypass financial institutions yet retaining all the security needed while minimizing transaction fees, improving transaction times and transfers.

The Many Applications of Blockchain

The simple notion that it is possible to exchange services for currency without the need to engage a financial institution was seen as a needed reprise for individuals disenfranchised by banks after 2008.  Since its widespread popularity with Bitcoin’s, the idea of using blockchain as virtual currency has become more mainstream, however that is just one application of blockchain in a world where virtual transactions are increasingly common.

As blockchain technology improves, the verticals in which blockchain can make a significant impact on expand. From a cyber security perspective, there is an ongoing need to continually ensure the data in the blockchain is never corrupted, thereby avoiding double-spend and preventing fraud. Since the core of blockchain relies on a ledger that monitors and encrypts information in a way that cannot be tampered with, there will be a continual need to maintain the system of security as more verticals depend on blockchain to monitor and transfer assets around the world. Beyond the financial world, blockchain is increasing in popularity as a digital value registry, simplifying the validation of documents, works of art or other items that need proof of validation and existence.

The usability of blockchain is endless, however its applications remain as limited as the technology that exists.

Seeking new Technological Breakthrough in BlockChain

With enterprises and startups seeking new technological breakthroughs to be a part of the dynamic and expanding new world in which blockchain dominates the internet, the only issue that remains is how to bring the two together so they may collaborate better and quicken the time from solution to scalability.

Luckily for enterprises and startups, the integration of prooV into the marketplace simplifies the process of finding relevant startups to launch PoC’s with, thanks to their simple secure ecosystem that enables multiple PoC management with just one integration.

The prooV system has been able to single-handedly transform the startup scene, instantly granting startups access to decision makers in leading enterprises and speeds up the process by which new technologies are tested and scaled to mass market.

Thanks to the prooV system, enterprises looking for innovation in blockchain technology can instantly put out an open call for a PoC and test multiple startup solutions without worrying about their data being compromised or wasting man-hours integrating solutions that will not be viable on their ecosystem.

The benefit of the prooV system, particularly for innovations in blockchain, is that companies can run multiple PoC’s in a variety of verticals with little to no additional work on their part.

For the startups working hard on innovations in blockchain technology without a solid plan for testing viability and scalability, the prooV marketplace simplifies the journey from anonymity to global recognition, shortening the time from innovation creation to mass market execution.

A new technological solution with so many applications across so many verticals, it’s no wonder that prooV is quickly becoming the go-to solution for enterprises and startups alike!