Startup CEO Series: 5 steps to Find Fresh PoC Opportunities on prooV

Startups have it hard – not only do they have to conceive creative “outside the box” solutions for problems, they have to do so using the most cutting edge technology, at the lowest possible cost, and without any ability of assessing true scalability of their product. On top of all of this, startups have to actively seek out enterprises in order to collaborate with them and create PoC’s that will prove their product and ensure they are en route towards long term success.

So how can a young startup find fresh PoC opportunities?

Traditionally, the CEO of a startup would be tasked with the formidable assignment of  being everywhere at once, while at the same time engaging everyone there is to engage with. As is quickly learned, this is a highly unrealistic expectation for a young startup looking to establish itself as a force in the startup world.

Focusing on mingling at events or depending on the open rate of an inviting email subject has its potential, but if you are looking to find fresh immmediate opportunities for PoC’s, you need to get out of the networking circle and go online; specifically to

What is prooV?

prooV is the new game changing end-to-end PoC solution that is helping startups secure PoC opportunities.  prooV was created out of a recognized need for a practical space where startups and enterprises could communicate without the pretenses of networking to actually be able to test out solutions through a secure PoC process.

Today prooV serves as a virtual marketplace where enterprises can instantly gain access to dozens of startups, and startups can spend more time perfecting their product rather than their small-talk skills.  

prooV simplifies the PoC process by providing an answer to the pains of enterprises (difficult integration, fear over enabling access to their secure ecosystem etc.) and improves overall communication and workflow between enterprises and startups.

So how can startups leverage prooV in order to find fresh PoC’s?

1. Sign up for prooV and visit often!

The first thing you need to do is sign up for prooV! Once you join prooV, the dedicated team will work with you in order to set up your account and help you integrate to their secure cloud network. This is where the magic happens so it’s important to set everything up right. When you integrate once with the prooV network, you instantly gain access to dozens of open calls for PoC’s by enterprises!

2. Search the PoC’s on prooV

If you’re new to prooV, the first thing you should do is check out the industry guides and see what RFPs for PoCs enterprises have posted there. While you should look at those that specifically match your target audience, it is never a bad idea to open your horizons and examine potential possibilities in industries you haven’t considered before.

Have a product that is suited for the cyber security industry? You never know if a BI company could use your solution – so why not try?

3. Build relationships with enterprises through prooV

Once you join a PoC, you are instantly able to communicate with the decision makers of the enterprise that are running the PoC in order to ensure you understand their demands and are able to meet them. Even if you are not selected for a particular PoC, it’s important to build a relationship with as many enterprises as you can in order to be considered for future collaborations.

Even if your PoC did not succeed, it doesn’t mean that an enterprise won’t want to work with you in the future. If you showcase a positive attitude, willingness to adapt and are receptive to feedback, you can only win from your relationship!

4. Update enterprises on changes to your product

As you continue participating in PoC’s, you will undoubtedly continue developing and perfecting your product. A great way to reach out to enterprises and seek out fresh PoC opportunities is by sharing the news with enterprises you previously were in touch with. Have a new feature? Did you leverage feedback into a new functionality? Share the news!

5. Build relationships with other startups

Sometimes, the best thing to do in order to find new PoC opportunities is to build a strong relationship with other startups. Whether they operate in the same space as you or not, building a relationship with other startups can connect you to new opportunities you never thought possible!