How to Easily Cut IT Costs When Implementing Innovation

Whether you go by the title of Chief Innovation Officer, Head of Technology, or any other IT leadership title, your responsibility stays the same – you need to drive your enterprise forward, ensure your product remains a leader in its industry, and do this all while reducing overall costs and shortening the time to market for new innovations. Not an easy task.

Luckily, being the innovation officer just got easier thanks to a new platform that shortens the PoC process time, reduces security risks and is virtually free.

So what is this ‘almost-too-good-to-be-true’ solution? It’s called prooV and you’re going to be hearing a lot more about them soon.

prooV was launched in 2016 and is already making headlines as being the game changer the tech world has been waiting for.  So what’s so great about prooV? The platform functions as a Pilot-as-a-Service solution that simplifies the way startups and enterprises communicate and run PoCs. For startups looking to showcase their products on the large ecosystems of enterprises it’s a no brainer – anything that connects them to enterprises is a win for them – but for enterprises it’s a bit harder; and prooV simplified that.

The primary concern enterprises have when launching PoCs is of course security. As the person in charge of innovation, you want to look outside the confines of your existing ecosystem, but you probably encountered resistance from IT – not because it isn’t possible, but it’s just a big hassle with minimal rewards.

Your desire to test every new potential technological breakthrough means potential hours of wasted time, energy and resources of the IT department – and for what? A pilot that might not succeed? Many enterprises have simply increased costs in order to develop new products in house, or put potential products on the backburner – not a good idea if you are looking to retain market share and position your company as leader in your industry. To do that while increasing profitability requires integration of new innovation.

The true cost of integration depends on the type of integration selected, but their outcome is almost always the same – it’s costly and not always beneficial. For any type of integration, the additional costs that need to be taken into consideration beyond the initial cost are the costs associated with customization of the innovation on your ecosystem, ongoing maintenance costs and the cost of making modifications. When dealing with a PoC, these costs tend to be particularly high since there is a risk factor that the pilot may not be successful and the integration will be for naught.

The prooV platform instantly solves this issue by offering enterprises a single secure integration with their cloud instead of wasting valuable time, energy and money integrating time and again. Cloud integration on its own reduces overall costs since it requires less custom modifications and integrations, however it is still a process that needs to be repeated multiple times until achieving the desired solution.

By using the prooV platform to seek new innovations, enterprises are able to gain maximum exposure to startups, run multiple PoC’s in a variety of fields at once and rest assured knowing that all the PoC’s are run on a tested ecosystem, thus ensuring that a successful PoC is truly scalable.  

Beyond reducing the costs associated with testing new innovations, the prooV platform improves your chances of finding a relevant solution at a fraction of the costs, and since all solutions are tested on your enterprises ecosystem, scalability and viability can be instantly assessed according to the criteria you deem most relevant.

The benefit of implementing innovation, particularly innovation from startups, is clear; you get to reap the rewards of months, if not years, of development, as well as trial and error with the assurance that the product works according to your specific demands.

The benefit of implementing new innovation found on the prooV platform are even clearer; you only have to integrate once!