Startup CEO Series: Gain Investor Confidence With Successful PoCs on prooV

Securing seed investment is one thing – gaining investors confidence, especially if you are looking to launch additional investing rounds is another.

Startup CEO’s have it hard; they have to recruit the right people, ensure KPI’s are met, oversee product and do it all while appeasing investors and ensuring they understand how the best ROI will be achieved.

So how can they do it all? Of course a lot really depends on the initial team and product, but there are a few things that can be done in order to gain investors confidence and continue successful funding rounds.  

Launching a successful PoC is one of the easiest ways to establish validity and boost overall confidence in your product, your team, and your future as a company in whatever vertical you operate. It is important to understand though that launching a PoC can be difficult, and completing a successful PoC with a large-scale enterprise is even harder.

What Drives Investor Confidence?

At the end of the day, investors want to see a positive ROI or at least potential for positive ROI in the future. As a startup, this is the hardest thing to do, especially if you are still in development or beta mode.

The best thing you can do as a startup CEO is show high traction and stickiness – something that isn’t always possible if you are a small startup. So what can you do instead? Establish validity for your product by showcasing its use cases on real enterprise ecosystems and demonstrating the ability of your technology to be scaled up for mass markets.

The prospect of growth, at least for a startup, is often the strongest indication of potential success and the most reassuring thing for an investor looking to see how far their money can go.

While beta mode was once a precarious journey for a startup, today’s startups can already try their luck with large-scale enterprises thanks to the prooV platform that simplifies the PoC process, taking it down from months to minutes.

So How Can prooV Help?

Our revolutionary Pilot-as-a-Service platform was created to simplify the PoC process for startups and enterprises alike, creating a win-win situation that has long-term benefits for all parties involved.

By bringing together startups and enterprises, prooV is able to bypass traditional meet-and-greet routes and help make meaningful connections between enterprises in need of innovative solutions and startups eager to test and scale their products.

A single integration from the enterprise is all that is needed on their end in order to join prooV, making the potential collaboration market larger than startups ever thought possible.

For startups, particularly for CEO’s, prooV can be used to leverage scalability and product validation, since prooV minimizes the amount of time, energy and money you need to spend in order to seek out potential enterprise collaborations. Instead of relying on chance meetings and navigating through enterprise bureaucracy in order to gain access to secure systems, with prooV, it is all done in just one click – in fact – it’s one click you can probably have your CTO do.

The unique prooV platform focuses on innovation and collaboration and brings together decision makers in enterprises and startups to test out new technologies in a way that is efficient and results driven. As a CEO, this means you can show investors stronger conclusive results based on successful collaborations with a fraction of the cost since you no longer have to allocate manpower, time and resources seeking collaborations, sending team members for on-site integrations and re-shifting when one PoC doesn’t work out as planned.

With prooV, startups are not limited to a single PoC and can use the same platform and single integration in order to participate in multiple PoC’s, thereby enhancing the probability of completing a successful one while reducing overall costs.

Ultimately, if you are looking to boost the confidence of your investors and showcase the advancement of your product, prooV is the most cost effective and result driven solution you can try.