Enterprise CTO Series: 5 PoC Challenges prooV Solves For You

As technology evolves, so do the challenges CTO’s encounter. Today, CTO’s are seen not only as chiefs of technology but of innovation as a whole, serving as the driving force behind new solution implementation and creative technological thinking.

For a CTO to continually break barriers, they need to reinvent the wheel, time and time again – a difficult thing to do when entrapped in the bureaucratic system many enterprises inevitably build. Even enterprises free of the chains of ‘the system’ often find that they are lacking manpower and resources to develop new solutions, spending most of their time improving and enhancing existing offers.

So how can a CTO drive forward innovation despite it all? The answer lies in three simple letters: PoC. In a few more letters: a PoC with prooV.

What are the top five challenges enterprise CTO’s encounter (and how can prooV solve them)?:

Challenge 1: Finding a startup that understands your requirements

At the base of every PoC lies the ability to match your specific needs as an enterprise with the offering of a startup. Beyond having a good gut feeling (which is great, but great gut feelings can also come after epic meals), it’s important to connect with a startup that has a potentially viable solution, and that understands your needs as an enterprise. While not the most crippling challenge, this surely drives many CTO’s to nix the entire PoC process altogether. The thought of wasting valuable time, energy and resources in finding a startup that understands your needs and has the ability to meet them and provide you with the innovation you need is difficult – especially if you are doing it the old fashioned way of networking at events, word-of-mouth or through chance encounters.  

The PoC-as-a-Service solution offered by prooV overcomes these challenges by providing instant discovery and connection of enterprises to startups in a digital marketplace. The prooV solution effectively bypasses the traditional pitfalls of networking by showcasing in a one-stop shop platform, startup solutions so the enterprise needs are matched for quick allocation to the hosted testing environment.

Challenge 2: Overcoming fears and opening up your ecosystem

As the CTO of an enterprise you know what you have in your hand and you know how much you need to protect it; in fact, you probably want to protect it even more than you already do. So how to reconcile your desire to preserve the security of your ecosystem with the need to test external solutions during a PoC process?

Once again, prooV simplifies this by offering a single secure integration solution that can be used over and over again. A one-time set up with the secure prooV system lets enterprises run multiple PoC’s without needing to undergo the lengthy process of enabling access to their ecosystem time and time again.  

Challenge 3: Running simultaneous PoC’s

While the idea of giving multiple startups access to your secure ecosystem for PoC testing sounds like a nightmare, the possibility of having dozens, if not hundreds, of startups offering you relevant solutions is a dream come true.

Enter, the simple solution of single integration with the secure prooV cloud.

Now, you can instantly gain access to hundreds of startups already on the prooV network, all seeking to test their solution on new ecosystems in the hopes of finding a match. By integrating with a digital marketplace designed to nurture collaboration and built for efficient communication, enterprises are able to simultaneously test multiple startup solutions with the same amount of effort it used to take to run a single PoC with just one startup.

If it took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries to get the light bulb to work (or so they say), finding the exact solution for your enterprise may now take only a few tries – prooV just speeds up the trial process.

Challenge 4: Measuring and Selecting a PoC Solution

In order to run a PoC that is later deemed a success, it is imperative to understand your goals as well as your expected results.  The prooV team works with each enterprise to understand their exact needs and helps devise a standard for measuring results in a clear way that is communicated to the startups from the beginning. By having a single measurement standard against which all startup solutions are assessed, understanding if a PoC was a success becomes a lot clearer.

Challenge 5: Scaling your Selected Solution

Traditionally, finding a solution that can be easily scaled is problematic for CTO’s, and it is usually one of the key measurements for determining if a PoC was successful, however it can only be tested once the solution is selected. It is important to note that what works in a perfect test environment might not work on the active ecosystem of an enterprise, resulting in many wasted hours and shattered expectations.

With the prooV solution, enterprises can instantly assess the scalability of a solution thanks to the one-time integration functionality. Not only can enterprises avoid the hassles of multiple integration and security risks associated with running multiple PoC’s, but enterprises can instantly determine whether or not a solution is scalable in a way that meets their specific needs.

The last challenge? Figuring out a time to schedule a demo with prooV and see how your enterprise can benefit from integration with the revolutionary PoC-as-a-Service platform.